It's time to choose. . .

You can't avoid it forever. Try as you might, the next semester will be here before you barely have time to blink. Now is the time to get yourself ready by choosing all the best poisons...I mean classes.

As a student with a chosen course of study, say engineering, your choices are probably rather limited regarding what topics and classes you can take. However, you generally have the choice of what order in which you might take these classes, and with whom.

Professors make the largest difference in students' satisfaction with a course and its material, because they're the ones providing all of the material. This makes sense, right?

Most of us would spend time reading reviews of televisions before going out and purchasing one, right? Why not do the same for your professors.

So go ahead, visit and check out who awaits you. Choose professors and classes that have easy rankings. Read reviews with a grain of salt, thought. Generally the students who write reviews are those who have either really liked a professor...or really hated him or her. But if you see that a math professor has terrible handwriting and refuses to explain any of the material, this might be a bad sign. Choose a better professor based on the reviews and sign up for his or her class.

Good luck!


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